What’s this code-retreat thing?

Do you play a musical instrument or know someone who does? If you do, you know how much time and effort musicians put into practicing. They spend hour after hour playing their instrument. They do this because they want to improve their technical skills or get more insights in what other people can teach them. Their goal is not to play (on stage) but to improve their playing.

Applying this concept to software development brings us to one of the main ideas behind the code retreat setup. At a code retreat, we spend a day practicing our coding skills. The main focus of such a day is code perfection, not finding an actual solution to given problems. We encourage learning from each other in different pairing sessions and even different languages. Jup, we just spend an entire day enjoying writing code.

Why are we organizing these retreats?

We saw Corey Haines promoting his world tour online and became a bit nostalgic. We couldn’t remember the last time we actually were able to enjoy coding away at a problem. We don’t really get time to practice or experiment at work. We just have to produce code.  And let’s be honest:  most of the time we have to settle for code that is less beautiful than we’d like it to be. It’s just the code we could think of to get the job done in a limited amount of time. At code retreats, we want to focus on our true craftsmanship again.

Early in the weekend?

Why are we doing this on a weekend day with an early start? Because it demands a serious commitment from you. We’re inviting craftsmen who are excited to get up early and do what they love. That’s how we end up with developers who are really devoted to their love for coding, people that already have some of the craftsmanship ideology running around in their head.

Apart from investing your time, this event doesn’t cost you anything. It’s free because we want to make sure that joining us is your choice completely. You don’t need the approval from your manager because the event is free. The only person you might have to convince is your partner.

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