Reflecting on Kanban Leadership Workshop London 1/3

Last week I attended the 3-day Kanban Leadership Workshop by David Anderson in London, with a notepad filled to the last page reflecting on such an inspiring workshop seems quite challenging.

A Kanban Leadership Workshop differs from a Kanban Training as the focus is here on the coaching aspect of leading Lean Transformation / Organizational Change using the Kanban Method and not the theory nor practical implementation. The Kanban Leadership Workshop also has a very high level of participant involvement, a perfect mix between expert advice from David and in-depth discussion among those attending.

In this blog post I’ll highlight some of the exciting items discussed. More in-depth posts will follow as this will be the first in a series of Kanban posts. Hope you enjoy!

I was very pleased that in a group of 12 people the discussion ‘Scrum vs Kanban’ or ‘Iterations vs Flow’ never came up. Without doubt this was a very mature group, especially looking at our training backlog which we created during the start of day 1, it was long, I mean very long and very focussed on change management. We were out on picking David’s brain, at the end of day 3 I have to admit it would have been much more efficient if his brain had an USB port so we could simply downloaded it, I think we didn’t even reached the 1% of what he knows…

The world has moved on…

Without doubt a new wave has reached our shores, as early adopters we have been so lucky to see it coming from our lighthouse,  and are now waiting on the beach fully packed with our surfboard ready to ride the big wave. Surf’s up, Dude!

The Kanban Method is probably in the same stage Scrum was early 2005. We have a long way to go but you’ll see a far stronger growth curve than Scrum had because they opened the road for us, where they still had to fight waterfall management. In some sense we can’t complain…

In a recent survey executives indicate that what they really want is 1. Predictability 2. Business Agility and 3. Governance/Policies. So as a change agent this is valuable information to keep in mind. The hard part about coaching an organization in the Kanban Method is not visualizing the workflow or determining the WIP limits, even though Classes of Service can be a struggle in the beginning, the truly hard part is changing the management accounting metrics. Which is an issue that effects decision making upon the whole value stream. A well designed Classes of Service package with good knowledge of Cost of Delay and a better strategy for managing market risk can be a good start to open a dialog within an organization. Only when you have all the Kanban pieces in place a, normative experience from your CFO can create a higher emotion which pushes the dialog towards action.

Not too overload your brain this will be continued in Part 2.

Keep an eye on our Training Program as our Kanban Training will be announced soon.

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