Reflecting on Kanban Leadership Workshop London 2/3

Continuing Part 1.

I enjoyed how David explained that finding the Alpha Geek in the Team is a great way to start change with preserving the current social hierarchy. The trick in this is without doubt finding that damn Geek 😉

A topic that was heavily discussed during the MANY beer nights I enjoyed with a couple of attendees was Managing Market Risk. Quite a fascinating topic on how to map risk/cost to features. As this will be discussed more in-depth in future posts, the technique consists out of the following items:

  • Table Stakes: Not yet in the market
  • Cost Reducers: It saves us money
  • Differentiators: What gets customers excited
  • Spoilers: Copy features from competition, protect market share

As this on first sight is just another way to manage your product we found it interesting what the impact would be if the same Domain Specific Language would be used by the development teams. Knowing your building a Cost Reducer will give you another mindset as you would be building a Differentiator… give it some thought. We did, it has some great findings, but perhaps it was just the beer talking 🙂

Perhaps something that has not much been discussed in Agile Coaching is Organizational Tolerance also know as the J-Curve effect. Companies that embrace change don’t often enough understand that before it goes better it will get worse and in some occasions it can get really bad. Organizational Tolerance is as an organization knowing how deep and how long you can travel through the Valley of the Death. In most cases they underestimate this, fire the change agent before it gets better and bring in another one not understanding that the new change agent will not start from the point where the previous change agent started, but at the point where he left, way down there on the J-Curve causing to create a new J-Curve from that point and taking the organization even deeper down the Valley. I’m still struggling with the fact how you can measure how deep you are and if you’re at the point of going back up or not? If you have any experience with this feel free to share!

See you in Part 3, the final act 😉

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