Reflecting on Kanban Leadership Workshop London 3/3

Continuing Part 2.

A returning theme was the art of asking the right question, there was no argue that the higher you go in an organization the simpler the question should be. Creating a 2-week backlog is hard, so perhaps we’re asking the wrong question here… I’ll leave it open for now and come back on this in future posts.

This week I have been visiting a couple of organizations adopting Kanban and each and every company is NOT doing demand analysis. This is without doubt an area that needs to get more attention out there! Demand analysis is the backbone of the Kanban Method and lies at the basis of decision making. You’ll see that organizations not studying their demand are also not implementing Classes of Service which means they are not able to allocate against shifting variability and more likely to end up with a static Kanban Board.

Demand Analysis starts by tracking the origin of the work. What type of work is it? What’s the arrival rate? What are the expectations? Next you need to look at different sources of Dissatisfaction which will cause the process to randomize/increase variability. First cause of Dissatisfaction can be Internal/Team, second are those from the Customer, the latter one can be caused by unpredictability, low quality, low trust… causing on their return additional Internal Dissatisfaction.

Kanban is an outside-in approach and if you just look at the impact of Customer Dissatisfaction you’ll see why.

I hope this gives you an idea of what a Kanban Leadership Workshop is all about.
Bare in mind that these are just some of the items we touched upon. It were an amazing 3 days, many thanks to David and  all the participants, see you all in Iceland this summer!

So how do you sell Kanban?
Let’s keep this for a later post 😉

Keep an eye on our Training Program as our Kanban Training will be announced soon.

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