I have a dream today…

I have a dream that one day this nation will rise up and live out the true meaning of organizational effectiveness.
I have a dream that one day each and everyone of us is treated as a creative and valuable individual.
I have a dream that one day the social good of an organization is valued over economic welfare.
I have a dream that one day new ideas are embraced without distrust.
I have a dream today.

Today we launch a brand new community platform called In the brain of.
A community platform for innovators, rulebreakers and changemakers to create awareness, encourage discussion and get valuable feedback. A first step towards better organizational effectiveness, towards a better place on earth.

Today I invite you to be part of this, to be the change you seek, be the change we wish to see in the world.

Today we are excited about our first guest speaker and register today

Jurgen Appelo – Author of Management 3.0
Complexity vs. Lean: The Big Showdown
Agile software development is (in part) based on the idea that software teams are complex adaptive systems. And Lean software development is (in part) based on systems thinking. Many Agile and Lean experts have borrowed terms from complexity theory (like “self organization” and “emergence”).But what is the difference between complexity theory and systems thinking? And how does complexity thinking compare to Lean software development? Are they different, or aligned? Can we use one to better understand the other?
Management 3.0 Book Talk
Research says management is often the biggest obstacle in the adoption of agile software development. Management 3.0 is an attempt to inspire team leaders, development managers, and IT directors, who face the adoption of agile software development in their organizations, by providing guidance and practices, and by applying complexity thinking to the craft, art, and science of agile management.
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