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He’s coming… win a FREE ticket

Yet another international thought leader lined-up for you! Don’t ask us how we got him on the program, but we did! But we’re not revealing his identity, not yet, that would be too easy! So here’s the deal. Do you see the picture below? That’s our clue, each of the images below are in some way […]

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We broke the record

It’s official! The number of participants from last year Lean & Kanban conference (235) is broken and we’re currently with roughly +/- 240 Lean / Kanban fanatics! We worked hard to make this year conference another inspiring learning experience and further stimulate Lean Kanban adoption. Thanks to all for believing in us and see you at Lean & Kanban 2011 […]

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Ask Dave

Dave Gray, author of Gamestorming is coming to Belgium! On September 24 Dave will be dazzling 36 attendees with a sleeves-rolled-up highly collaborative mind-blowing creativity workshop. It’s gonna rock but it’s also very sold out! After the workshop we have the chance to further pick Dave’s brain and we wanted to share this opportunity / time-slot with you. […]

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