Ask Dave

Dave Gray, author of Gamestorming is coming to Belgium!

On September 24 Dave will be dazzling 36 attendees with a sleeves-rolled-up highly collaborative mind-blowing creativity workshop. It’s gonna rock but it’s also very sold out! After the workshop we have the chance to further pick Dave’s brain and we wanted to share this opportunity / time-slot with you.

This is how it works. Come up with fresh, creative, exciting questions we could ask Dave.
So are you up for the challenge? Submit your question here.

One more thing …
We ask you to come up with the questions and then take credit for it during the interview, that doesn’t seem right does it?

So here’s the deal, ask your question here, vote for the best questions around, the best ones will be selected and here comes the fun part … we’ll also pick the top questions from those attending the workshop on September 24 and those people can ask the question themselves, yes IN-PERSON, you and Dave, Dave and you, how cool is that? As for the top questions from those not attending the workshop, we suggest that those who win their own little private interview ask them on your behalf. What do you think, do we have a deal?

The interview will be put online afterwards.

Now go and come up with fun and crazy stories about Dave, Gamestorming or …


ps. Dave if you’re reading this, brain picking only hurts a little bit 😉

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