In the brain of … who?

Our ‘In the brain of’ series provides a way to create awareness, encourage discussion and get the most valuable feedback from our community. A series of hands-on workshops to create a spark that ignites your imagination.

In the past we’ve had the pleasure of welcoming Dave Gray, who invited us into the world of gamification. He is the author of  Gamestorming: A Playbook for Innovators, Rulebreakers, and Changemakers and provided us with tools and techniques used by the world’s leading innovators.

We have also been so lucky to be able to invite Jeffrey Liker, author of The Toyota way, who provided us with a rare insight into the product development side of Toyota.

Do you want to have a say in who we invite for our next installment?

David Anderson

David Anderson

Author and father of Kanban, evolutionary change for your technology business.

Dave Snowden

Dave Snowden

Complexity theory offers a real opportunity to transform governance by doing more with less, integrating strategic intent with operational practice.

Jim Benson

Jim Benson

Let’s create value. Personal Kanban gives us clarity in our work and our lives by visualizing those tasks, expectations, and commitments we have and helping us prioritize and complete.

If you have a favourite among these guys, don’t hesitate and vote now on our poll!

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