Testimonial of an in-house Coderetreat

For some time now, Agileminds has been offering Coderetreats in Belgium and abroad to anyone who is interested. These events are free for the attendees and remain high level: the techniques that are used can be applied by anyone in any organisation.

But what if you feel the need for some more specific tips and tricks? What if you feel your team wants to get there but for some reason you’re missing those “to the point” tips and tricks that can be used in you specific organisation?

The company Pro Time was experiencing this and after a teammember had visited a Coderetreat, Agileminds received the request for a customer-specific Coderetreat split over 2 days: one for a classic Coderetreat and one for a Legacy Coderetreat to help them really get into their specific issues.

Recently, we were very happy to receive the following testimonial from Pro Time:

“Thanks to the 2 Coderetreat sessions that were facilitated by Erik Talboom from Agileminds, we have evolved enormously as a software development team. We now actively apply Test Driven Design and no longer Test Driven Development. We are refactoring as never before. Our tests have become simple, fast and effective.  In short: development how it should be.

The benefit of organising a Coderetreat in-hous is that it is adapted to your team. Having it facilitated by Agileminds brings along the extra input of their experience in the organisation of the public Codertreats that they already organise.

So if you and your team want to evolve from software developers to “software craftsmen”, we can only give one advice: ask Agileminds / Erik Talboom to come to your company for a Coderetreat. You’ll learn loads of interesting things.”

Christiaan Van den Poel – Protime NV

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