Agileminds Unleashed – Food, drinks and ideas

We’re trying out something new…

People send us invitations to meet, share ideas, and find new ways to collaborate almost on a daily basis. We love working with passionate people and make magic happen but we also have a business to run, trainings to provide, events to organize, and too many initiatives to kickstart. The combination of limited availability and shorter time-to-market forced us to rethink the way we deal with these invitations.

Agileminds is a platform, an innovation accelerator, it’s about you,  passionate people, connecting them, and unleashing their full potential in order to solve the problems in the Creative Digital Economy.

Agileminds Unleashed is our first low-tech attempt to bring order into the chaos. A physical place and time to meet, share ideas, and find new ways to collaborate. Individual meetups and long email threads will be replaced by physical group meetups, ideas become group discussions, and collaboration a group effort.

Open innovation at work.

On March 16th we invite you to join Agileminds Unleashed #1 in Mechelen (19h00 – location tbd). An informal meetup, dinner, drinks, and lots of stuff to talk about.

Register today or leave your comments below.

What’s next?
No idea… we could set up a LinkedIn group, an idea box, … but  we wanted to validate our assumptions first. If you like it, more things will emerge naturally. Agileminds Unleashed went from non existing to getting published in less than one hour. Low effort, high impact, that’s innovation!

Let’s make magic happen!

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