Agileminds Unleashed #1 – Validated

Last Friday, Sara Pieters and Brett Verlinden joined me for Agileminds Unleashed #1.

What started out as a way to replace time-consuming individual meetups and long email threads turned into this concept of Open Innovation. Individual meetups are replaced by group meetups, personal ideas become group discussions, innovation a collaborative effort. A first attempt to bring order to the chaos.

What did I want to validate?

1. When inviting 5 people would 2 show up?

I wrote a blog post to explain the Agileminds Unleashed concept, took the first 5 meeting invites and asked those people if they would be interested in joining. Two cancelled straight away, as they felt uncomfortable with sharing their ideas with others, one was in doubt and cancelled the day before the meetup and two really liked the concept.

People who sent me invites can be categorized into 3 groups. Innovators, passionate but stubborn people with great new ideas. Majority, people that know what we do and would like to find a way to collaborate, share ideas. And finally the “laggards”, who have no clue what we do but perhaps there’s money to be made, they are looking for direct cashflow. The same pattern as defined in the Innovation Adoption Curve.

Agileminds is an innovation accelerator, people who work with us have similar characteristics. They are innovators, changemakers, rulebreakers, people who care and who love to share knowledge in order to create value. From the 5 people invited, those who confirmed were definitely the people with the right mindset.

2. Was value created during the meetup?

The idea was to meet and learn. Following the Open Space concept – whoever comes is the right person and whatever happens is the only thing that could have – I did not want to create an artificial creative environment, almost forcing people to be creative and deliver value. Wherever it happens is the right place. Dinner and drinks it was.

From the start people got all excited, shared ideas and passion, frustrations and failures. The perfect ingredients to create value. Make no mistake: it’s not creating value for Agileminds, but it’s about creating value for each other. I love to share how Agileminds tackles the learning market because I know that so many people with great content just don’t make it out there. Sharing matters! Value for both parties was created.

Next time, I would like to try out creativity over lunch. A room, some flipcharts, lunch you can eat standing and walking around. Different formats, different learning experiences, different outcomes. I can’t wait to learn.

3. Did it get easier for me to plan my agenda?

Definitely, I have locked one day a month for Agileminds Unleashed, so whenever someone wants to meet I can point them out to the blog and the upcoming date. Not only does it save time in communication and administration but most importantly the people that show up are the right people and magic always happens.

Join us next time!

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3 Comments on “Agileminds Unleashed #1 – Validated”

  1. March 20, 2012 at 12:13 #

    I like the idea.

    It’s the open space version of a network event. (And the mini version of a network event)

    One thing to be careful with, is slack. Make sure, unleashed does not replace your slack in your agenda. Slack for unscheduled events, ideas, meetings.

  2. March 20, 2012 at 12:26 #


    thanks for the positive feedback.

    You’re definitely right, the concept is not intended to be The One Thing That Solves It All nor a replacement for slack. It’s a tool in our toolbox to solve a specific type or problem. Randomization, improvisation and trying something is equally important.


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