Gamestormers! Tell us your story and win…

Just a couple of days ago I was on stage at Scrum Day France talking about “The future of work is about being more human“. At some point I asked the audience to raise their hands if they ever heard of #gamestorming and I was surprised to learn that roughly only 10 out of +500 people did. That’s scary!

Share your story! Convince them!

Our Gamestorming retreats are an exciting place to gain low tech skills to help you navigate through the complexity of reaching a fuzzy goal. Participants sacrifice their Saturday to be there but the energy, fun, and commitment in the room are just endless! The human potential unleashed!

But if the mass audience has no idea what Gamestorming is all about it can sound pretty scary and geeky, and the retreat description is probably not going to convince them either.

But they would listen to you, wouldn’t they? To people who have been there, their story, their excitement, the value that was created. How it changed the way they collaborate with colleagues and customers. It’s about helping them learn to see.

Show time!

Testimonials are so 2004, but what we can do is give them a little twist. We’re looking for excitement and emotion and text just doesn’t do the trick. Bubobox, one of the startups we have under our wings developed this really cool Video Testimonials platform that we have now integrated in our Gamestorming retreat page. You only need your webcam and we’re good to go!

So if you have been to one of our Gamestorming retreats or have been applying Gamestorming or Innovation Games techniques we would appreciate your story. For those who have attended the retreat try to talk about what happens during a retreat and how you perceived it being valuable.

Step by step

Here is what we need you to do:

– go to Gamestorming retreat page
– scroll down until you see the Video Testimonials Section
– click Record Video and share your story

What’s in it for me?

We created FREE full day learning experience, but as if that’s not enough, we are giving away one Gamestorming book before every next retreat!
A Random winner will be picked from those who recorded a video during the timeperiod between retreats.
People who are nuts enough to create a Product Box about the Gamestorming retreat and sell that back to the audience during their recording will get a free Gamestorming book, period.

Go Gamestormers!

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