Stattys for all

Just a few days ago I provided a keynote at Scrum Day France about the future of work being more human. In a world where wealth is created, not so much by money or power, but by imagination, we see that behind all this high technology is low technology. Index cards, post-its, people creating and moving things around.

Post-its have been along since mankind first made fire. Little yellow papers with some glue on the back that you can stick on the wall. Who would have ever thought they would unleash a wave of creativity and unlock the human potential?

But as with any technology, post-its are not without flaws. Stickiness is highly dependent on the wall surface, the space between the wall and the non glue area of the post-it it make it subject to all kinds of wind conditions, and unless you use a pencil you can’t erase them making it impossible to recycle and save some trees.

Meet Stattys, a new kid on the block that looks very promising and solves many of the issues we encounter while working with post-its. I’ll let the video do the talking.

Just a couple of weeks ago, Mikko Mannila – founder of Stattys – joined our very first Gamestorming retreat and participants where able to take the products for a test drive. They loved it!

At our next Gamestorming retreat on May 19 Mikko Mannila will provide all participants with their own set of Stattys products.

Goodies for all!

See you there!

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