Gamestorming ignites Sweden

An Ignite talk invitation makes you feel like a kid with a new toy: excited!

Perfect ingredients

This was not my first time in Malmö: last autumn I provided an Innovation Games course for Softhouse. Malmö has all the ingredients for a perfect trip, namely creative people, an energetic after work culture, and the uncut version of nature. So when Anders Persson from Avega Group invited me to share my passion for Gamestorming and collaborative play in general, I did not have to think twice.

Crazy things

I was introduced by Anders Persson to Michael Tiberg, founder of Oredev conference, TEDster, and recently also the brain behind Foocafe. The idea was to try-out our Gamestorming Retreat at Foocafe. Michael is all about trying out crazy new things, a perfect match! Unfortunately due to low attendance we had to cancel. Gamestorming is a relatively new concept, and while we are still in the stage of creating awareness it’s hard but not bad to start pushing out peer-to-peer mentoring programs. It took us a while also here in Belgium to get things rolling but once they do you’d better hold on to your seat! The Gamestorming Retreat was not a one-time attempt, plans are being made, feedback is being gathered, more to come, for sure!

Learning by doing

The goal of the Ignite Talk was not just to get people all excited about a whole new way of working, unleashing their own and other’s human potential, but also to give them something to take back home, get them started. Learning by doing, collaborative play, small focused steps, fast feedback loops, basic ingredients for a great talk. I learned a few lessons on how much knowledge you can squeeze into a <2h time-slot and still make it digestible, focus is key, but not easy when you have so much you want to share.

From boredom as usual to the fallacy of creativity. Game mechanics in practice, and getting your marker out and start drawing, it’s now up to them to take it to the next level! May the force be with you!

Agenda constraints inhibited me from doing anything else than my Ignite Talk. No regrets, I’ll be back in November to talk at the Software Development Conference Oredev. But first things first, Israel here we come.

Take it to the next level

Join us at one of our Gamestorming Trainings or Gamestorming retreats, where Gamestormers come to play!
Keep an eye on our agenda, in September we’ve got some Lego Serious Play planned!

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