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Who’s coming next? Win your change agent package!

In our quest to build a better world we like to inspire and motivate others to go out there and be the change they seek. In that sense our “in the brain of” series is where we invite international thought leaders to support you and me, providing mind blowing workshops that provide us with tools, techniques and understanding which […]

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Agileminds Unleashed #2 – Open Innovation

March 16th we tried something new in order to bring some low-tech structure into our meeting requests, as well as to reduce long email threads. We invited people over to a physical group meetup instead, where ideas become group discussions and collaboration a group effort. Where we see us having a role as follow: Agileminds […]

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Kanban retreat #1 experience report

On April 7th we had our first kanban retreat as a means of peer to peer exchange, having a safe place to bounce ideas amongst each other and learn. In order to get the people into the kanban state of mind, we started off with the famous getKanban board game (the beta version we bought some time ago) followed with […]

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Gamestormers! We’ve got a winner!

Last month we asked you Gamestormers to record a testimonial on our site to help convince newbies and non-believers to join our movement and unleash the human potential. We’ve got a winner! Caroline den Doelder was the first Gamestormer who recorded a testimonial and thereby wins her Gamestorming book – A playbook for innovators, rulebreakers, and […]

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Stattys for all

Just a few days ago I provided a keynote at Scrum Day France about the future of work being more human. In a world where wealth is created, not so much by money or power, but by imagination, we see that behind all this high technology is low technology. Index cards, post-its, people creating and […]

Continue Reading – Mobilizing talent

In a world where knowledge has become a commodity, the shift is from “what knowledge advantage do I have today”, to “how fast can I generate new knowledge”. Finding new ways to mobilise talent is a game-changer in this era of accelerating change. Announcement Agileminds is proud to announce to be one of the founding […]

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