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Practicing legacy rescue techniques

Check out Erik Talboom’s blog about the first legacy coderetreat of 2012! A little over a week ago it was time for our first legacycoderetreat of 2012 here in Belgium. I was lucky enough to work with Adrian Bolboaca again on this retreat. He is a serious influence and inspiration to me when it comes […]

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Our first code-retreat experience

At a code retreat, we spend a whole day practicing our coding skills. The main focus of such a day is code perfection, not finding an actual solution to given problems. We encourage learning from each other in different pairing sessions and even different languages. Jup, it’s a whole day of coding craftsmanship. When we […]

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What’s this code-retreat thing?

Do you play a musical instrument or know someone who does? If you do, you know how much time and effort musicians put into practicing. They spend hour after hour playing their instrument. They do this because they want to improve their technical skills or get more insights in what other people can teach them. […]

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