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IBBT iStart Incubator and Agileminds join forces

IBBT is an independent research institute founded by the Flemish government to stimulate ICT innovation. The IBBT team offers companies and organizations active support in research and development. It brings together businesses, authorities, and non-profit organisations on research projects. Both technical and non-technical issues are addressed within each of these projects. In an ever-changing world, […]

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Value Stream Mapping…

First time I teached about Value Stream Mapping was back in 2008 internally, beginning 2009 publicly. First time I tried it was somewhere in 2006 if I am not mistaken. In the mean time I have used it a lot more in a lot of different scenario’s, unfortunally not ever having a complete value chain […]

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8 Reasons NOT to do an Agile Management Course

They promised us to radically change the world, they promised us victory, but it didn’t happen did it? It has been 10 years now since we Agile Advocates hang the Agile manifesto up on our wall, so what went wrong? Although there are at least hundred of Agile books out there how many do you […]

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