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Innovation Games and Gamestorming goes Vienna

Reflecting on my trip to Vienna… Stunt pilots I always considered screaming people in airplanes to be an urban myth, or at least something that dates back to the Wright brothers when planes where flying objects, an experiment and not yet a commodity, I was mistaken. Just before the plane reached Vienna airport we were […]

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Kanban retreat #1 experience report

On April 7th we had our first kanban retreat as a means of peer to peer exchange, having a safe place to bounce ideas amongst each other and learn. In order to get the people into the kanban state of mind, we started off with the famous getKanban board game (the beta version we bought some time ago) followed with […]

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Stattys for all

Just a few days ago I provided a keynote at Scrum Day France about the future of work being more human. In a world where wealth is created, not so much by money or power, but by imagination, we see that behind all this high technology is low technology. Index cards, post-its, people creating and […]

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