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Lego ® Serious play ® for retrospectives

Somewhere beginning 2010 I got introduced into the subject of Lego ® Serious play ® by Olaf Lewitz who was trained in Germany as a certified facilitator. It stroke me as a very powerful toolset to improve team collaboration and problem solving process within a safe and friendly environment. This encouraged me to continue reading […]

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Innovation Games for Process Optimization

First time I have been using Innovation Games was about 6 years ago for product innovation and in the mean time I have been experimenting with different games for different purposes but always in the atmosphere of product design & implementation with and without customers, with and without end users… different settings, different games but […]

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Let the Games begin

Imagine a cold winter evening in 1885. You’re about to enjoy a wonderful home cooked meal with your family but all of the sudden the phone rings. Now, this might not be anything special in the century we live in. But in 1885 – when not that many people had a phone – receiving a […]

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