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Reflecting on Kanban Leadership Workshop London 3/3

Continuing Part 2. A returning theme was the art of asking the right question, there was no argue that the higher you go in an organization the simpler the question should be. Creating a 2-week backlog is hard, so perhaps we’re asking the wrong question here… I’ll leave it open for now and come back […]

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Reflecting on Kanban Leadership Workshop London 1/3

Last week I attended the 3-day Kanban Leadership Workshop by David Anderson in London, with a notepad filled to the last page reflecting on such an inspiring workshop seems quite challenging. A Kanban Leadership Workshop differs from a Kanban Training as the focus is here on the coaching aspect of leading Lean Transformation / Organizational Change […]

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Reflecting on Kanban Leadership Workshop London 2/3

Continuing Part 1. I enjoyed how David explained that finding the Alpha Geek in the Team is a great way to start change with preserving the current social hierarchy. The trick in this is without doubt finding that damn Geek 😉 A topic that was heavily discussed during the MANY beer nights I enjoyed with […]

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