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Gamestorming ignites Sweden

An Ignite talk invitation makes you feel like a kid with a new toy: excited! Perfect ingredients This was not my first time in Malmö: last autumn I provided an Innovation Games course for Softhouse. Malmö has all the ingredients for a perfect trip, namely creative people, an energetic after work culture, and the uncut version […]

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Innovation Games and Gamestorming goes Vienna

Reflecting on my trip to Vienna… Stunt pilots I always considered screaming people in airplanes to be an urban myth, or at least something that dates back to the Wright brothers when planes where flying objects, an experiment and not yet a commodity, I was mistaken. Just before the plane reached Vienna airport we were […]

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Johan Tré is writing: “human effective learning”

Quite a few years ago I came in touch with Jurgen De Smet. It appeared that we had similar opinions on how our corporate world is setup. Coming from a technical background as well I noticed the same visions were shaped from a similar background and learning curve. It was until later on I found out […]

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What are you saying to me?! Yes, we listen…

In our believe to change the world of work and economics, we like to inspire and motivate others to go out there and be the change they seek! Our engine is passion and our fuel we get from you! Our community of rule breakers, change makers, innovators… Learning doesn’t come from one direction! In that […]

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Plant the seeds and enjoy their growth

It has been more than a year since we organized the first Belgian Management 3.0 training with Jurgen Appelo (March 28, 2011) and subsequent premiere of co-teaching Jurgens (June 27th, 2011). In the mean time we have had the opportunity to spread the love in several public and in-house occasions in Europe for which we […]

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And the winner is…

On March 22 we announced a contest where the winner could receive a refund of his/her entry ticket to the “In the Brain Of” with Christopher Avery and here we are. The winner is… trom trom trom trom… Yves Hanoulle with the following question:  “If you could change one thing about the responsibility proces, what would […]

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